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Implant Case


 Treatment Planning Implant Placement with Restorative and Periodontal Considerations: Case Diagnosis

Dr. Gary O’Brien DDSMentoring 9/12/2017 10:35:00 AM

This case is unique in the fact that there are issues associated with the existing dentition that significantly alter the position and selection of the fixture.  I will start with the implant that will be placed in position of tooth number 31.  From the pano one would think that a Legacy II 7.0mm x 13mm Implant would be the implant of choice.  After mapping the nerve we can see that the combination of the anatomy and shape of the mandible in this area would leave a Legacy II implant with 4-5mm of the labial aspect of the fixture exposed.  In addition, the length is restricted by the need to place the implant deeper apically to allow adequate...

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